TpLink Extender Setup

Tplink extender setup or install Tplink repeater via configuring default web portal. TP-Link repeaters offer user-friendly and convenient web interfaces that help to set up the extended network. 

Tplink extender Setup Via Accessing login page allows users to setup the Tp-link network. boosts up the overall strength of the existing wireless network to a wider area. One can do setup either using manual method or WPS method. One can also use the tether app to Tplink extender setup remotely.

Tplink extender Setup Via Accessing

Tp-Link Repeater Setup Via Manual Method process allows user to setup the extended wireless network by using web interface http://tplinkrepeater.netp

tplink extender setup Tp-Link Repeater Setup Via Manual Method
  • Place you Tp-Link Repeater and connect your computer/laptop to its default SSID
  • Open web browser and enter to begin setup process
  • Fill the login username and password
  • Select 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network of your home  router and enter its wireless password
  • Name your extended network and set a password for it. 
  • Click on the SAVE button to finish the process.

Install Tp-Link Repeater Using WPS Method

One can also setup the TP-Link Repeater using the WPS button. For this follow the below set of instructions:

  1. Find the WPS button of your Tp-Link Repeater and your existing router.
  2. Press the WPS button first on the Tp-Link Extender and after that router.
  3. Wait till the LED lights on the tp-link extender become stable.
  4. The tp-link repeater will start catching the settings of the router.
  5. Finally you can connect tp-link extender login panel. 
Install Tp-Link Repeater Using WPS Method
Setup Tp-Link Repeater Using Tether APP

Setup Tp-Link Repeater Using Tether APP

  • Download the Tether App from playstore on your device
  • Place tp-link device in the range of router and wait for its boot up
  • Connect your device to network SSID
  • Launch the app and enter the correct login credentials of Tp-Link Repeater
  • Tether app will let you to connect to router’s SSID by asking password
  • Once connected you can easily configure and customize the tp-link extender.
Facing problem with setup

Facing problem while setting up Setup process of gets an error. We are with a team of experts who will educate you about every problem and resolve all your queries.